Lauren & Robert 2020
Lauren & Robert 2020

Tell us how you met…
We have known each other all of our lives as our families are really good friends, after so long, I finally give in to go on a date with Robert and the rest is now history.

Tell us all about your wedding! What colour scheme, theme and flowers did you choose?
We are really outdoor people so we really wanted a low key, stress free and easy wedding so we loved the rustic/country idea of the George Ridley suite as it’s small and really oldy world. As soon as we saw the room with the beams, open fires and old brick - we knew it was the place for us so we just picked up on the neautral rustic theme throughout the day.


Tell us about the dress… What style was it? Where was it from? What did your bridesmaids wear?
I have actually worked for Exclusively Yours by Tara since the age of 15 so the dress was really easy! I knew I wanted something a little different so the Mori lee gown with the frilly, ombré coloured skirt really jumped out at me as it’s not really the norm. Tara made some tweaks to the dress to make it different again and we were set.  For the bridesmaids we picked up the pink/taupe colour from the bottom of my wedding dress skirt and the rest just followed. Tara also hand made the flower girls dresses to also tie in perfectly!

Any funny stories from the wedding?
Oh my god! The morning of the wedding and getting ready was a breeze... every thing was going swimmingly. All dressed ready to go within plenty of time. We just went to step out of the cottage door to go and walk down the isle... I stepped one foot out the door... and woooooshhh! The biggest gale of wind came and whipped my full length veil out of my head and on to the roof of the cottage... after four more huge gusts of wind the veil ended up on the hotel rooms roof! After plenty of screaming My cousin Robert quickly came to the rescue and climbed right up onto the roof to retrieve it... I had already made my way to the isle thinking the veil was a no go and in he came, running in, with it at the last minute. My bridesmaids fixed it back in and we were good to go!

What was your highlight of the day?
The highlight of the whole day was just every thing coming together perfectly! I really wanted a relaxed, informal day with every one just enjoying them selves and I think that’s what we achieved perfectly!


What wedding menu did you choose?
The menu we chose for the day was a Gala buffet. We didn’t want a traditional sit down meal with people having to sit where they were told. The hot buffet was perfect for every one to get what they wanted and when they wanted, we had plated desserts which were beautiful and the drinks were flowing! Then we had hot meat sandwiches with roasties on the night, followed by wedding cake.

What made you choose Black Horse Beamish? Would you recommend the venue to future brides?
The whole reason we picked the Black Horse was total the beauty of the place! Teamed up with the staff, who were willing to cater for my every need. Nothing I asked was to big and we had the day we wanted. We weren’t restricted to any set menus and set choices. They tailored every thing to exactly what we wanted. Which with our total informal idea of the perfect day... suited us to a tee. We would never go any where else if we were re planning our wedding.

Advice for other brides and grooms?
Advice to any brides to be would be relax and enjoy the build up to the big day! It’s over in a flash, and anything that seems like a disaster isn’t actually that important on they day.

I would like to thank again the staff and wedding team at the black horse for helping us have our dream day...


Wedding date 22/02/2020

Dress and bridesmaids and flower girls - Mori Lee from Exclusively Yours, Wingate. Tara from Exclusively Yours changed some details of the dresses to make it bespoke. Tara hand made the flower girls to my design also.

Grooms suite - master debonair, Boldon.

Hair - brides - Turning Headz by Stacey Rickard
Bridesmaids and flower girls - Annmarie Brown

Makeup- Perfectly Polished by Leigh

Cake - Cakes by Lorraine

Entertainment and photography  - Disco couture by Andy

Thursday 30th July 2020
black horse beamish

Eat. Sleep. Celebrate


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